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Join Our Team

 We are currently hiring REGISTERED VETERINARY TECHNICIANS and VETERINARY ASSISTANTS to join our team. Complete an online application or email with your resume! 

Position Descriptions

Registered Veterinary Technician

*Licensed with the State of Ohio

*Associate's Degree

*Surgery Prep and Monitoring

*Catheter Placement


*Laboratory Tests and Diagnostics

*Assist with Appointments

*Client Education

Veterinary Assistant

*No Experience Required

*Assist with Appointments

*Fill Medications

*Client Education

*Laboratory Tests and Diagnostics

*Subcutaneous Injections

*Kennel Maintenance/Cleaning

Client Care Coordinator

*Client Communication

*Answering Phones


*Prep Paperwork

*Collecting Payment

*Printing and Scanning


If you have any questions about employment opportunities, email us at, call us at 614-871-1111, or come by the hospital and speak with Brandy or Grace.

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